Wearing Out Your Clutch

The Inevitable: Wearing Out Your Clutch

Clutches wear out, and cars usually need at least one clutch replacement before the end of their lifespan. One of the biggest reasons they wear out is from people riding the clutch, this means leaving your foot on the clutch avoidably, for example in traffic causing unnecessary damage. It is better to put your clutch into neutral at this point. However, many people are already in the habit of doing so, therefore replacing your clutch can end up being inevitable.

When To Change Your Flywheel

A clutch costs money, and so does the labour, so when your clutch is being replaced and the drive shaft has already been removed you might as well have your flywheel changed. This will avoid future costs. Your flywheel is a rotating mechanical device that is used to store rotational energy. As per Quora the inertia of the flywheel opposes and moderates fluctuations in the speed of the engine, and stores the excess energy for intermittent use.

How Do I Know My Flywheel Needs Replacing?

If your flywheel has deep grooves or cracks in it, then this is the time to replace it. Early clutch replacement can be caused due to your flywheel having damage to it, or it may have warped and you failed to replace it. The transmission needs to be separated from the engine when your mechanic is replacing your clutch and this can be a big job, making it the perfect time to thoroughly examine the flywheel.

Which Type of Flywheel Should I Choose?

When replacing your flywheel you will need to decide on whether you want to keep the same one or go for a lighter one, improving your engines response. You must ensure you buy quality products from a recognised and respected dealer. Speak to a professional mechanic at M&M Transmissions for advice on what is best for your specific vehicle.

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