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Our transmissions mechanics in Essex are renowned for our reliable and helpful services. We have a wealth of experience in reconditioned gearboxes and gearbox repairs, so there is no garage better suited to your needs. We have a range of gearboxes available on an exchange basis at competitive prices, and if there are any variances we can’t accommodate then we will offer to rebuild your gearbox. M&M Transmissions have long been the garage of choice for gearbox repairs in Essex, and we have been trusted by hundreds and hundreds of customers.

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Not only do we provide Vauxhall reconditioned gearboxes, but we also provide clutch repairs for most Vauxhall makes and models of vehicles. Regardless of whether your vehicle is manual or automatic, we will take a look at your clutch and perform the recommended maintenance.

Should you need a clutch replacement, we use leading manufacturers such as Valeo, Luk, Sachs, ADL, and Exedy. These are often the chosen manufacturers for the original clutches, so you know that you are only receiving the highest quality parts and services from us.

We road test your vehicle to identify why your clutch may have failed so we can prescribe the best course of action and give you indications of what to look out for the in future. If the road test reveals that the problem does not lie with your clutch, then we will provide you with our diagnosis and advice on how to rectify this issue so you can begin safely driving again.

When you bring your vehicle in to us, we’ll road test your car to identify why the clutch has failed. This helps us to ascertain the best way we should proceed, and whether it can be saved with a repair or it needs replacing. Whatever the outcome, our transmissions mechanics will be able to help you so you can drive away in your BMW safe in the knowledge that we have provided exceptional service.

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