How to tell when you need Brentwood clutch repairs

Clutch repairs are necessary when your clutch begins to wear out over time. This is a fate that comes for all drivers and something that no doubt every seasoned driver is familiar with. The clutch is a hugely important part of your vehicle and is used a lot, so it’s very important to stay appraised of its health and the warning signs that it might fail. Here’s what to look out for and our expert advice for clutch repairs and replacements in Brentwood.


How long does a clutch usually last?

This is a difficult question because the answer will be different for everyone depending on a range of factors – how often do you drive, how long for, what make and model is your car, and how do you drive in general? Those who drive long distances like commuting to work or find themselves regularly in traffic are more likely to stop and start their engine, which inevitably wears down the clutch. Clutches are typically designed to last up to 100,00 miles, but this of course entirely depends on how they’re maintained and how often they’re subjected to strain.


The signs you need clutch repair or even clutch replacement

A softer clutch is often one of the earliest signs you could do with clutch repair. At this point, clutch replacement isn’t necessary because it’s not on its last legs yet. When you press the clutch pedal and are met by some resistance, this is healthy, but when it’s soft and goes down all too easily then this is a sign you need some maintenance.

A vibrating clutch, much like a softer clutch, is a physical sign you should be able to feel through your foot on the pedal. If your clutch pedal is vibrating, this is sign it is being overworked and is beginning to strain. Depending on the severity, this could mean replacement.

Having trouble changing gears is another tell-tale sign you need clutch repairs. The clutch might ‘slip’, because it feels like your car is literally slipping between gear shifts and not moving easily through the changes as it should. This can also result in revving the engine without experiencing any extra output in power, like when you need to accelerate to overtake someone but the higher gear doesn’t affect your speed.

Your clutch not sounding right and even smelling are definitely some of the more unignorable signs its time for a clutch repair or clutch replacement. If you’re thinking ‘why is my clutch making a grinding noise?’ or ‘why does my clutch smell like burning?’, then you are definitely in replacement territory. These symptoms might become prevalent when you’re practising clutch control on inclines.

What do I do if I need clutch repairs or replacements?

When you start to notice any of the above symptoms, it’s vital you bring your car in for a quick clutch inspection at a repairs garage or car repair centre. When these symptoms are caught early enough, such as the clutch softening or slipping, you might get away with just some clutch repair work. If you’re starting to notice a shuddering or a smell, then you absolutely should come and visit us because this may require a replacement not just for function, but for safety!


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