Different Types of Clutch Problems and What to Do When You Spot Them

If you’re noticing a problem with your car as you accelerate or try to change gear, chances are you may have a problem with your clutch.

We offer a wide range of clutch repairs from our transmissions garage in Romford, so if you suspect any issues with your clutch, don’t hesitate to bring your car in.

Leaving these potentially small problems can often lead to larger issues that may result in a costly repair or gearbox replacement, of which, could have been avoided.

At M&M Transmissions, we have put together a list of potential problems that could arise with your clutch, how to spot them, and what to do when you do spot them. If you think the following common clutch problems are occurring in your car, get in touch today.

Slipping Clutch

One of the first signs that you may require clutch repairs is when your clutch is slipping. This is noticeable when changing gear or travelling uphill – you may be accelerating as you would, the engine will sound as if it is racing but you won’t be speeding up as fast as you would expect.

You might also detect a burning smell and may on occasion see smoke.

A slipping clutch means that the inner material’s friction may have worn down, meaning it won’t permit full engine power to be transmitted through the gearbox to the car’s wheels.
As soon as you notice anything of this sort, bring your car to our transmissions garage in Romford.

Sticking Clutch

A sticking clutch is the opposite of a slipping clutch. You may be experiencing a sticking clutch if you have noticed a loud grinding noise when putting your car into gear, or if you struggle to get your car into gear at all.

Clutch repairs may be required at this stage, but its always best to check with the professionals. Our transmission mechanics will be able to efficiently diagnose the problem and offer advice and repairs accordingly.

Other Problems

Other issues to look out for include soft clutch, which will feel spongey when you press the clutch pedal, awkward gear changed that are clunky and/or make unusual noises, or if you are experiencing difficulty finding reverse gear.

Clutches do wear down through use, but catching any of these problems early, can prolong the life of your clutch, reducing the need for a costly clutch or even gearbox replacement should the problems get worse.

What to Do Next

If you experience slipping, sticking, or any other issues with your clutch, stop driving if you can and give our transmission garage a call. We will often be able to tell the problem you have with your clutch from how you describe the issue, allowing us to advise on your next steps.

It is best that you bring your car into our garage for our team of transmission mechanics to thoroughly diagnose the problem, ensuring you receive the correct clutch repair.

Noticing these problems nice and early will help increase the life of your clutch. At our Romford garage we offer FREE Road Tests where we are able to spot these problems, no matter how small they might be at the moment. Catching them early allows us to perform any minor clutch repairs that may be required, as well as offer advice on how to drive to avoid further issues.

Get in Touch

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