5 Ways to Prolong the Life of Your Clutch/Gearbox

At M&M Transmissions, we are experts when it comes to repairing and replacing gearboxes and clutches. If you notice something wrong with your car and suspect it may be due to a faulty gearbox, don’t hesitate to get in contact with our Romford mechanics who can efficiently diagnose the problem and perform gearbox repairs or replacement that may be necessary.

Once we fit your new gearbox or clutch, we want you to know how best to look after it, to reduce the chance of it breaking in the future.

REMEMBER: If you do notice a problem, bring your vehicle in to our Romford garage so we can fix the problem quickly, and reduce the chance of further issues being caused in your car.

Here we have compiled a list of ways you can look after your newly repaired clutch or replaced gearbox, to help prolong its life and decrease the chances of you requiring our services again any time soon!

1. Avoid keeping your foot on the clutch

The clutch pedal should either be fully pressed (when changing gear) or untouched entirely. If you’re partially pressing down on the clutch whilst driving, you will be creating unnecessary extra wear, which could lead its needing clutch repairs which could have been easily avoided.

2. Don’t use the clutch to save your brakes

A clutch or gearbox replacement will cost you more money than replacing brake pads, so don’t overuse your clutch when it comes to breaking.

Our gearbox and clutch replacements from our transmission garage in Romford are here when you need them, but by engaging your clutch properly as and when you are supposed to, you can avoid paying out for services that could have been easily evaded.

3. Avoid sudden stops

When you see a red light ahead, or spot a reason that may need you to come to a stop, don’t leave it to the last minute to slow down.

Gradually slow down, and by the time you reach the traffic lights, or potential hazard, you might not need to come to a complete stop which will allow you to drop the clutch on your idling engine and avoiding clutch slippage.

4. Don’t rely on the clutch for hill starts

Its true that you can use the clutch to help you not back down the hill when you are performing a hill start, but you should not rely on your clutch every time.

Again, this can wear down the clutch which could lead to a repair or replacement from our transmission garage.

From a stopped position on an incline, you should use the handbrake until you engage the clutch. Next, slowly release the clutch followed by the handbrake as you accelerate to perform a successful hill start without causing too much unnecessary wear to your clutch.

5. Avoid over accelerating when you pull away from a stopped position

There is no need to drive away from a stop light like there’s no tomorrow. Over accelerating can mean your RPM is unnecessarily high and can cause damage to your clutch and gearbox.

Over revving the engine can cause the clutch to slip, which may lead to premature clutch repairs or replacement.

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If you follow these tips, you can prolong the life of you clutch or gearbox. However, if you do detect a problem with your gearbox or believe you may need a clutch replacement, don’t hold off. Get in touch with M&M Transmissions garage in Romford now.

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