5 Signs That Your Car Needs a Clutch Replacement

If you suspect that your car’s clutch may be experiencing problems, if its left untouched, it can leave your car undriveable. There are many symptoms of a faulty clutch that if caught early, may reduce the severity of the problem.

At M&M Transmissions in Romford, we are experts when it comes to clutch replacement and transmission repairs. We have many years of experience and will always offer competitive prices along with a high-quality service you can trust.

We’ve compiled a list of 5 warning signs that may indicate you require a clutch replacement for your car. If you notice any of the following signs, don’t hesitate to get in touch with a member of our team. Leaving these issues for too long could result in a larger and more costly problem.

  • Unusual Grinding Noise
    An unusual noise that occurs when either pressing or releasing your clutch most likely indicates that something is wrong.
    The grinding noise could be the result of faulty bearings. Luckily, bearings are not too difficult to replace and is relatively inexpensive to do. However, if the grinding noise goes untreated, further damage may occur which could lead to the clutch replacement.
  • Soft Clutch
    If your clutch feels soft or spongey when pressed, this could be an early sign that your car’s clutch is wearing out.
    A spongey clutch will make your car more difficult to drive, and left untouched will get worse, and sometimes cause the pedal to shudder.
    If you notice either of these signs, don’t hesitate to visit our garage in Romford where a member of our team will take a look.
  • Shifting Troubles
    Another sign of a worn clutch that may need replacing is if you are experiencing trouble when shifting gears.
    Changing gear should be a smooth process, you shouldn’t need to push the gearstick too hard. A shuddering gearstick could be an indication of a faulty clutch. It could also highlight other issues with your gearbox, so it is always best to get it checked over by a professional.
    As highly experienced transmissions mechanics in Romford, we will be able to diagnose the problem quickly and accurately, and perform any clutch or gearbox repairs your car may need.
  • Reverse Gear
    You may also experience difficulty particularly when you try to engage reverse gear. A sign of a faulty clutch that may need replacing is if you are struggling to find reverse gear.
    Getting into reverse gear can be slightly more difficult than other gears, and in some cars that’s why you may experience a clunk or shudder when putting it in reverse.
    Finding reverse is one of the more advanced tasks that a clutch is designed to do, so any problem performing this could naturally indicate an underlying problem.
  • Slipping
    A slipping clutch is most noticeable when travelling uphill, or carrying heavy loads. You may notice you seem to be over-revving, despite being in the correct gear.
    Clutch slipping can lead to overheating, and sometimes a burning smell, which means the clutch will wear down much faster, resulting in the need for a clutch replacement.


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